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Summer 2024

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We are going to show you all the best spots for your Marbella stay - restaurants, beach clubs, shorelines, shops & events. We know where it is at!

The Most Popular Stays

Check Out The Most Popular Stays
FROM € 300 /night
8 Guests · 4 Bedrooms · 4 Bathrooms
FROM € 300 /night
FROM € 600 /night
12 Guests · 6 Bedrooms · 7 Bathrooms
FROM € 600 /night
From € 200 /night
6 Guests · 3 Bedrooms · 3 Bathrooms
From € 200 /night
From € 1400 /night
10 Guests · 5 Bedrooms · 5 Bathrooms
From € 1400 /night
FROM € 288 /night
8 Guests · 4 Bedrooms · 3 Bathrooms
FROM € 288 /night
FROM € 300 /night
10 Guests · 4 Bedrooms · 4 Bathrooms
FROM € 300 /night

The Yacht Life

Check out the most luxuries Yachts you can rent in Marbella
Sunseeker 68
House of Marbella - Sunseeker 68 Sport Yacht
Princess V70
House of Marbella - Princess V70
Mangusta 80 SY
House of Marbella - Mangusta 80 SY - 5
Mefasa 90
House of Marbella - Mefasa 90 - 4
Sunseeker Predator 92
House of Marbella - Sunseeker Predator 92 - 8
Heesen 40m
House of Marbella - Heesen 40m

What They Say

We are committed to making our clients happy with our services. Clients reviews stand as proof for the quality of service we offer daily.
Nay Rielly
I just had the most amazing time buying my new property with Mat! He's seriously the best in the business. From day one, he totally got what I was looking for and went above and beyond to make it happen...........
Susy White
Hey everyone! I just had to share my wonderful experience with House of Marbella! They have been taking care of my holiday home like it's their own, and I couldn't be happier!.........
Amie Hostey
Have to share my amazing 3-month getaway. They found me the perfect rental that felt just like home. Their attention to detail and warm hospitality made it a wonderful experience........

The Marbella Life

Discover the must-visit spots for your Marbella stay
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Luxurious Yachtcation in Marbella
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A Winter Wonderland Awaits
Embark on a Ski Adventure from Marbella to Sierra Nevada Nestled between the sun-soaked beaches of Marbella and the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada lies ...
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Celebrate the Magic of Christmas and New Year’s Eve at Kempinski Hotel Bahía
Have you experienced the enchanting atmosphere of Kempinski during the Christmas season? It’s truly a magical wonderland. New Year’s Eve Gala Dinners: Two Luxurious Choices ...
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Soar Above the Splendor: Helicopter Tours in Marbella
Marbella, the jewel of the Costa del Sol, is famous for its stunning beaches, lavish resorts, and vibrant nightlife. While there are countless ways to ...
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